What is a dispensing or fitting fee?

Dispensing and fitting fees

The disclosure of dispensing / fitting fees charged in the purchase of glasses or contact lenses is provided to all of our patients. Optometrists must charge patients the manufacturer’s material cost, plus a fee, when providing them with healthcare products. This fee-based system eliminates the “mark-up” profit on the sale of the material typically seen at retail optical stores. The amount of the fee is not established by law, but must be shown to the patient on the receipt.

The fees are called a variety of names (e.g., dispensing fees, treatment fees and professional fees). In our office, all contact lens patients are charged a fitting fee if they have been fit or refit with new contact lenses, and a replacement fee if we are replacing contact lenses. The fee covers the costs involved in writing the prescription for the lens, arranging to supply it to the patient, and any follow-up visits within six months of a lens fit or refit. It also covers visits within three months of contact lens replacement. Contact lens visits after these periods are not covered by the dispensing or fitting fees, and typically are not covered by OHIP.

The dispensing fee when ordering glasses covers:

  • The determination of lens design and material
  • The frame selection process specific to each person’s facial features and prescription
  • The custom measurements obtained by our highly trained optical staff
  • Ordering and verifying of the prescription after fabrication
  • Instruction of use
  • Frame adjustment to ensure proper fit

Payments for all contact lenses and glasses are due at the time of delivery unless alternative arrangements have been made with your doctor. We accept cash, Mastercard, Visa, and debit forms of payment.

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