We assess our patient’s vision and ocular health utilizing the industry’s latest technologies. But most of all, it’s our friendly and experienced team that has been well trained to detect vision and eye issues early and treat them effectively.

New LIPIFLOW® treatment for Dry Eye

LipiFlow® eye treatment for dry eyeWe are pleased to offer our patients a new, breakthrough treatment for dry eye sufferers; LipiFlow®

LipiFlow® applies localized heat and pressure in adult patients with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), also known as evaporative dry eye or lipid deficient dry eye.
Unlike traditional dry eye treatments (i.e., warm compresses, wetting drops and ointments), LipiFlow® treats the root cause, the obstructed Meibomian glands. The goal of unblocking the glands is to allow them to return to their natural production of lipids required for a healthy tear film. LipiFlow treatments are provided by our licensed professionals for suitable candidates.

With LipiFlow® treatments now available at our office, your Optometrist can make the medical recommendation that’s right for you.


Introducing Optomap, the state-of-the-art vision exam that revolutionizes the way we perform retinal evaluations. This technology provides us with a more comprehensive, 200˚ view of your retinas.

You’ll benefit from:

  • A non-invasive exam
  • Reduction of uncomfortable pupil dilation
  • Instant, accurate image of the retina
  • Digital files—images remain on the computer for future comparisons of even the most minor changes
  • Better detection of any medical eye issues, such as detached or torn retinas, macular degeneration and tumours
  • Better detection of retinal conditions associated with diabetes, high blood pressure or aging

Fundus Photography

In addition to wide field retinal scanning as provided with the Optomap, we also utilize detailed digital retinal/fundus photography for further documentation of retinal, vascular, macular and optic nerve diseases and disorders.


Visual Field Screening

Threshold and screening visual field testing to detect peripheral and central visual field loss due to glaucoma, neurological disease, injury or stroke, or certain drug induced side effects is offered as part of our comprehensive ocular evaluation when indicated.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

The latest technology to literally detail cellular layers and thickness of the retina and optic nerve tissue has arrived at our practice in 2011. We are excited to provide the most advanced and current version of Zeiss OCT technology in the “Cirrus” model for glaucoma and glaucoma suspect patients, diabetics and those battling macular degeneration and other retinal diseases. Early detection and timely treatment can positively alter the course of these visually devastating diseases.


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