At Optometrists on Colborne, you’ll have all your vision needs addressed. From eye exams to specialty eyewear and contact lenses, our experienced and professional staff are ready and able to handle all your eyecare needs.

Dr Lawrence performing an eye exam

Schedule a visit for an assessment of your vision and ocular health.

Eyewear frames

Expertise and selection all under one roof.

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Order your contacts, rinsing solution, and eyecare products online.

The London Institute for Dry Eye is housed in our office building. Our dry eye clinic focuses on diagnosis and management of dry eye and ocular surface diseases.

Important Notice

Stay Tuned - negotiations now ongoing
As of September 1st, 2021, all OHIP covered eye examination services across the province of Ontario were withdrawn by Ontario Optometrists. Please click here to see how this may affect you and what you can do to help protect and sustain access to eye care in Ontario.

The Ministry of Health and the Ontario Association of Optometrists have had regular meetings since late November and negotiations are underway.


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