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Determining a new prescription requires an appointment, especially if you need to replace your glasses or if you have not had a routine eye examination in the last year. In some cases, every two years is sufficient. If you are a contact lens wearer, it is recommended that we see you every 12-18 months for …

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Present your health card

Please present your health card at every visit. OHIP now requires us to electronically verify that your health card number is valid and that you are eligible for receiving an insured service. While routine examinations for patients ages 20-64 are not typically covered, there are certain eye conditions that would make this an insured service.

Services not covered by OHIP

Services not covered by OHIP include routine eye examinations and office visits for patients ages 20-64. Costs incurred for these services are now the responsibility of the patient. Our staff can advise you as to which services may still be insured and the costs of services not covered.

Additional costs

If possible, we will advise you if any services to be performed are not covered by OHIP as these services will be charged directly to you. Also, when ordering eye care products, a deposit may be required at the time of ordering to secure your order.